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Concept and Sketches

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

A new year, a new film! In week one we began work towards a full treatment (coming soon, keep an eye out for that). However I've included a brief synopsis/pitch below, as well as initial sketches thinking of the appearance of the film. May I introduce... ANGLER.

Early Concept Work

A sketch of the possible look of our main character.  A suggestion of the rubble strewn void is sketched faintly behind him.
Full Body Concept Exploration
An exploration of various different helmet designs which could be used for the character.  A few things of note, some have digital "eyes" which could add a facial performance to the character.  Some of the helmets are also designed to resemble iconic diving helmets, further emphasizing the angler/deep sea inspirations.
Helmet Exploration

Early Pitch

Angler tells the story of a lonely spaceman, floating through the void of nothingness. With electricity nearly drained from his station's battery, life support is dwindling fast. Suddenly, he receives a call over his radio. Another station! They know he is low on power, and offers to connect the station via cable to transfer power. The spaceman is convinced by the voice on the other end of the radio, excited to finally hear another person after so long... so excited in fact to notice that his radio is not on. With much trepidation, the spaceman takes the step out of the airlock and into the cloudy empty outside the safety of the station. Floating through, the remnants of a destroyed world appear around him. Buildings, vehicles, plants, and more, the crumbled remains of a world no more. Pushing his way through the debris, he bounces through the lunar dust. Despite several delays, including his cable becoming tangled. He manages to reach the other station, its glowing yellow beacon shining like a lighthouse in the foggy ocean. Excitedly, he attaches his cable, and enters through the airlock. Inside, the air is cold, with ice covering the windows. The lights flicker, providing slight respite from the engulfing darkness. Calling out, the voice on the radio continues talking to him. He walks deeper into the station, reaching the control panel. He turns the chair around, stepping back in shock to see the body of an astronaut laying there, the helmets visor cracked. The suit has suffered heavy damage. And yet, the voice continues to speak over his radio... Behind him, a faint yellow light approaches from deep within the smoky abyss.

Notes from first critique in class:

-Don't play your cards too early: make sure the audience thinks that there is someone on the other end of the radio, rather than the character beginning to go crazy and hear things.

-Place an emphasis on the loneliness and isolation at the beginning

-Occasional radio chatter establishes a relationship between the person on the radio and our astronaut

-radio person sends messages and asks questions about the astronauts condition that they would have no way of knowing?

-Debris could be part of a space station, rather than the debris of a planet?

-Was the original goal always to reach the other station? Maybe the astronaut already needed to get in contact with that station?

Personal Notes

I personally want to especially work on character animation, as we plan on not being able to see the face of the astronaut through his visor. In addition, I want to create an interesting environment, and further use the character's acting as a way to use the environment to get towards his goal, such as pushing off of and through debris.

To Do

-Continue concept art exploration

-Nail down a more firm character design

-Station designs

-Environmental design

-Create estimated production schedule

As a final note, I will be working with another person on this film! He hasn't posted his own blog link yet, but this post will be updated as soon as I receive it!

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