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A Light in the Woods

3D Animated Chase Through A Dark Forest
The dark and foggy forest holds many secrets, and was the setting for my 3d animated capstone film.  All assets in the film were my own, and I carefully designed the environment to provide a spooky, oppressive ambiance.  Everything was modeled in Autodesk Maya, then assembled into a final scene in Unreal Engine 5.  To create the fog and lighting effects, I worked in depth with volumes and cloud systems to create the look I desired.

The Miraculous Healing of Lucy Damon

Virtual Production Film Set In A Sci-Fi Laboratory
Shot on a LED volume wall, this film was a collaboration between the virtual and physical spaces.  I was in charge of creating the environments of the underground laboratory in Unreal Engine (from pre-existing assets), so that they could be displayed in real time behind the physical aspects of our set.  Lighting and effects were also handled by me.


3D Sci-fi Action Film With A Surprise Twist
Modeled and rendered with Maya's Arnold render engine, Angler was a collaborative effort between myself and another artist.  I was in charge of created all of the models sans our main character (who I textured), along side a variety of other roles.  The misty space outside the ships created interesting challenges for storytelling, with much of the worldbuilding and mystery of what has occurred being created through environmental storytelling.
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