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Animatic Progress

Hey all! Been implementing more feedback into the story and current animatic. Didn't have the time to add the sound in again, but I think overall the flow is much better. Time wise we are at 4m:14s, which is up from the previous cut, but that is mainly due to a new opening shot which is a relatively lengthy hold and lower establishing shot that also has the film title on it.

Before you can watch the animatic, you need to have your healthy dose of peas and shotlist. 'New' indicates shots that have been changed, and I have left in ones from last week which were changed to indicate changes since animatic weekend.

In terms of changes for this round, I wanted to envelop the wolf in a coat of shadows. Perhaps think of the opening of Princess Mononoke (thanks for the reminder Nate), although this is like whisps of black fog and smoke. Consequently doing this I think also really helped the mood of the animatic. The other big changes are the ending, in which the wolf leaves the girl, going their separate ways. As much as I would love the happy "Girl gets Doggy" ending, I don't think it makes as much sense for the two characters. Other changes focused on the color sharing. She now crushes berries in her hand before touching the wolf, giving her some more initiative in the action. I do want to reframe the shot to show that the vials are now empty, however, I don't want to show her opening the bottles because I feel like that action will slow the story down.

Okay good job now you get to watch it. Enjoy! :)

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