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Assets and Getting Ready To Start Animation (Tomorrow)

So work in progress screenings are next week. Oh boy am I not ready lol.

Since the last update quite a bit has been done, but at the same time I haven't started animation yet which is... not great. But don't think about that, enjoy the pretty textures!


These are the rocks we see in the opening painting scene. The painted rocks can easily have the paint removed and I can use them as background details as well.


This is also seen in the opening scene, the dark version melts off as the girl cleanses the area, revealing the natural version.

Leather Bag:

The girls bag also is finished with textures, enjoy the sketchfab uploaded version!

Vials are nearly done I just need one more green object to put in the last vial. Grapes aren't very good for dyes, maybe a bit of moss?

I also revamped the blades of grass I'll be using for the film. They have 3 LODs which should hugely help with performance. Obviously they won't look like this in the film, they will be scaled down and randomly planted via the foliage brush.


Next up, music! Here's the first draft from my composer. A final version will probably finished this weekend hopefully in time for the WIP screenings.


Finally, my rigs. This is the part which is still coming along. The girls rig is officially finished except for the eyes, and I am thinking about changing how I will be doing them. They were originally going to be two planes with blend shapes, but I am thinking that a single plane with an animated texture done separately will be the way to go to get the look I want. Below is a short demo of her moving around.

The wolf model will be finished by the end of this week day, so hopefully I can get at least one shot of the wolf animated for screenings.

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