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Beginning Boarding!

Hey all, I didn't post last week because I didn't have a ton of updates. However, this week I will be starting my storyboarding and animatic!

Starting off, I made one more minor change to the story, regarding giving our main girl more agency. Here's an excerpt.

The girl looks around, but there is nowhere to run. She takes another step back, but the ledge begins crumbling away. She looks into the wolf’s eyes, before shakily sticking a hand out as the wolf approaches within a hair. The moment her hand touches the wolf’s nose, a massive burst of light and color, brilliant golds, greens, reds, and blues streak out across the valley, blasting an opening in the clouds high above and letting in sunlight.

I think this version allows the girl to have more control over the situation, rather than leaving the burst of color to be a conscious decision on her part rather than a lucky happening which saves them both.

Intro Shotlist:

Anyways, boards! There aren't a ton done because I've been busy with other classes, but with Animatic weekend coming fast I'll be looking to do at least 3 shots a day. Here are the first 4 shots of the film! (Also Storyboarder is a blessing upon this earth I love this program)

Its not much right now, but these 4 shots will be the lead-up-to-the-hanging-of-the-painting scene. There should be a lot more to show next week, so stay tuned!

James out!

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