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Introducing My Next Film!

Hello all, it has been a hot minute since the last blog post, and I'm happy to announce my next project- A Light In The Woods!

This has been the first week of production, and so far we have a bunch of concept as well as a new draft of the story. You can find them all below. The film will be another 3D animation, this time done solo (but still with the support with the rest of Polygroup!) I hope everyone will join me on this production and follow along as I work on it for the next year.

Concept Art


Deep in the desolate depths of an ancient forest, a young girl gathers material for her paints. When she is chased by a wolf corrupted by the darkness, the only thing that can save them both is sharing color in the face of a bleak world.


A Light In The Woods is a 3D animated film that depicts hope and art in a world absorbed by anguish. The project will follow the themes of the importance of sharing color and beauty, expressing oneself in a world that seeks to tear you down, and the connections formed between two living beings.

Story Draft

A young girl leans down, picking a red berry from a bramble bush, carefully dropping it into a glass vial. Recorking it carefully, she slides it softly into the leather straps of her paint splattered side bag. She stands up, and continues her journey through the dark, imposing forest of encompassing trees. She walks between the wood skyscrapers, among oddly carved rocks and logs draped in mossy carpet. She approaches a tree in a small clearing, the trees parting to allow a small amount of clouded, gray light to filter through. Reaching into her bag, she retrieves one of many small paintings. She removes a paint canvas which is covered in an inky slime, hanging the new painting in its place. From where the nail enters the tree, black, inky sap begins dripping out once again, already beginning to stain the canvas.

High above, a red eye watches the girl's movement. The jet black crow tilts its head from side to side, occasionally clicking its beak in consideration. It lets out a shrill, unnerving cry, prompting the girl to look up, but the bird is already gone. A single feather spins down, which the girl picks from the ground, looks around nervously, and walks out of the clearing.

Continuing to walk forward, the girl hears a gurgling squish under her feet. Stopping, she looks down to find that she has stepped into the inky remains of a small animal. Its skull gently brushes against her shoe. From behind, we hear a growling animal. The girl slowly turns to face the sound, as a large red-eyed wolf, also covered in dripping, black ink paces out between the trees, its mouth bared open to reveal long white fangs. The girl takes one step back, then another, then dashes away. The wolf gives pursuit through the woods. The girl ducks under fallen trees, dodging between the rocks and what appear to be remnants of human civilization. The wolf jumps nimbly through the environment, bounding forward. The girl slides down a gravely ledge, losing her balance and landing hard on her ankle, spraining it. The wolf looks down on her from above, then dashes in another direction. The girl picks herself up and stumbles as fast as she can. The trees suddenly open up, and the girl runs out of the forest into a massive cliff, overlooking even more forest laying in a valley between snow capped peaks. Behind her, the wolf steps out of the woods, teeth bared and eyes ignited like hot coals. It begins slowly stalking forward.

The girl looks around, but there is nowhere to run. She takes another step back, but the ledge begins crumbling away. She shakily sticks a hand out to brace for her fate as the wolf approaches within a hair. Her hand touches the wolf’s nose briefly. A massive burst of light and color, brilliant golds, greens, reds, and blues streak out across the valley, blasting an opening in the clouds high above and letting in sunlight. The crow, who had been sitting on a tree, shrieks in fear, taking off and a panic. The light fades, and the wolf stumbles back before catching itself. A drop of red and black drips off it onto the ground, then one of green and blue. The wolf's formally black fur has been transformed into a silver tone, with streaks of color winding its way across its body. It looks down at its paws in confusion, then looks up at the girl. The girl has become gray in tone, wavering, her eyes closed. She begins falling backwards, her legs crumpling under her. The wolf lunges, grabbing her bag by the strap, and only just pulling her back from the edge.

The girl slowly begins to wake, feeling a warm lick and a nudge. The wolf wakes her from her unconscious state, her color having somewhat come back. She stands unsteadily, and the wolf gives her support to lean on. Together, they walk into the dark woods. Above, the crow’s red eyes glower down on the pair, before taking off into the sky with a loud cry.


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