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Character Texturing, Color Progressions, and Another Animatic

I finished the texturing for my characters! Below you can see some individual renders of them, as well as them in the scene itself!

I also did a test render of a turn around in the scene to test the lighting on the characters, and had a fun problem with strange harsh and pixelated shadows, so I need to keep working on the render settings shaders. Since it took a while to make, I figured I'd upload the turnaround anyways.

(UPDATE: Maya is dumb and I fixed the below issue. So enjoy a broken cursed turn around for now lol)

I did some color testing with a basic sketch of the storyline to get an idea of how I want lighting to change throughout the film. The beginning will be a somewhat redish sunset style light, which represents Jack's anger at being abandoned. After he accepts he's been left, it gets dark and blue for his sadness and the unhappiness of Annie. As they begin to connect and accept each other, we transition to a happier yellow, still the sunset style lighting but less angry.

I've been working on my rigs, but they kinda exploded so unfortunately those aren't ready to show off yet. They'll be fixed in the next few days, so we'll survive :) (I hope)

Finally, I did a re-re-edit of the animatic last week, and added in the ideas that Max put into them! Big thanks to him for that, go check his blog out here-

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