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Jack in the City

This week I worked on finishing up the 3D model for my Jack in the Box character. You can see him below. The box is fully UV mapped, and I am currently working on Jack himself. You can also see some test renders of him in the trash can, in the improved lighting and finished set (minus texturing, that will begin later this week into next).

Jack's Model

Test Renders of Jack in the set

(HDRI used for skydome provided by

I have also begun working on a second version of my animatic, taking into consideration the critique given to me last class. As I had issues with getting my perspective to where I wanted it, I will be doing this second one using my already built set and drawing on top of that. Below you can see some of the shots I've been working on.

Finally, here's a slightly updated asset list to encompass the most recent work I did.

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