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Models, Sound, and Animatic #2

Lots of stuff got worked on this week. To start off, Annie (who I've just been calling girl, figured I should name her) now has a full model with textures. She still needs to be rigged and her cast to be put on, but she's otherwise nearly ready to go. Below are some test renders from Substance Painter!

The UV's for Jack are done, and texturing is currently under way for him. He should be finished within the next few days.

I also worked on the second animatic. This one uses the set I've built, and now has sound!

Sounds sourced from, as well as being recorded myself.

Finally, as always, here's an updated asset list!

Things to do this week,

-Color Keys

-Finished rigs

-Finish character textures

-Block animation

-Rendered shot

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