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Sketches, Scheduling, Story, and Trash Cans oh my!

This week a majority of my story was finalized. Currently, the story goes as-

A jack in the box is tossed nonchalantly into a trashcan, and is left behind by a group of laughing teenagers. Soon after, a little girl walks down an alley. She finds the jack in the box sitting on top of the pile of the trash. Curious, the little girl steps closer and leans down toward the jack in the box. Suddenly the jack in the box leaps out with a terrifying face, scaring the girl. She falls back and the jack in the box pulls back into his box. The girl starts crying, and the jack in the box looks out a crack in the lid of his box. He notices that the girl fell on her broken arm, and he looks down at his own ripped, almost torn entirely off arm. He realizes that he made a mistake, and he puts on a silly face. He plays his music from the box, getting the girl to look back at the box, sniffing. He slowly pops out and makes the girl laugh. She picks up the box and walks down the alley with it.

Breaking it down into the main story beats and emotional events, we have-

1) The jack in the box is tossed away into a trashcan.

2) The girl finds a jack in the box sitting next to a trashcan in an alleyway

3) When she leans closer to look at the box, the jack in the box leaps out at the girl, scaring her and causing her to fall back on her broken arm.

4) The young girl begins crying, and the jack in the box peeks out of the box to look at the girl.

5) Seeing her broken arm, the jack in the box looks down at his own ripped, nearly removed arm.

6) The jack in the box begins playing his tune, causing the girl to look up.

7) He pops open his lid, and rises up with a silly face. The girl wipes away her tears and laughs.

8) The girl leans forward with her non-broken arm, and cradles the box.

9) The girl carries the jackbox with her down the alley.

Beats 1-4 Illustrated

This week I also started working on sketching out character designs. I took reference from a childhood toy, which I will have next to me for lighting reference, texturing, and modeling.

The girl is just a standard girl with a broken arm. Her model will be relatively low poly, to make it easier to rig. I will most likely draw her eyes on, because I think it will allow me to make it far cuter and avoid the uncanny valley.

I also began working on modeling parts of the scene. I started off with the trashcan that the little girl finds the Jack in the Box in. Thankfully I didn't have to fix any ngons, and the model has a low polycount. I plan to age and rust it during the texturing.

I also began working on building the set. Its still completely untextured, but it already has the alleyway feeling I was looking for.

Finally, to finish off this blog post, I have my production schedule for my project. I have planned in a week at the end incase of delay/need to put more time into the project.

For the next week, I plan on finishing a good amount of the remaining modeling, including the characters. The storyboard will be finished with sound, and texturing will begin.

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