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Texturing Complete and Animation Blocking

This week I worked to finish up all of the remaining texturing I had to do on the alley way. Below are a few test renders, in which I tweaked the render settings as well as show off all of the props. In addition, the rendering bug with the blinking bump map seems to have not reared its head, so I'm not entirely sure what changed but Maya decided to have a good day!

And of course, with this, I was able to make my asset list basically all green. The only thing not technically complete is the bump map of the buildings, which depending on if the issue with the bump map appears again, could need a reworking. However for now everything else is complete.

Next up, I worked on the animation for scene one, in which Jack is tossed in the trashcan. You can see a playblast of these first two shots below.

I had hoped to get to more shots this week, but other projects took up that time and I was only able to get these two done. Additionally, the second shot is unfinished, as I need to figure out how to render transparent image planes in Arnold.

One last thing of note, I found a composer! Super excited to have someone doing music for me! I'll still be doing the ambient audio.

For Next Week:

-full steam ahead on blocking/spline and playblast a majority of remaining shots

-continue working with composer on music

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