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A much needed update

So I haven't been updating the blog in the past 2 weeks, because of a change in class format, but I have been working! Mainly on texturing. Lots of texturing. So this week, enjoy a ton of renders of those. This week- rendering. Next week- oh god are we done? Yeah we are done. AHH-

The Bus

Torn Road

Main Command Table

Secondary Command Table


The star of the show: Clancy!

The Dead One

As of now, the last things I have to do are the walls inside the ships (which will boil down to some basic texture on the floor and dirt around the walls), the ship exteriors, and the buildings outside (uv'd but not textured). I plan on finishing those the day this goes up, and we will use the remainder of the week rendering and doing post fx. Down to the line, but we should be fine.

Corrigan has finished all of the animation, our credits are written, and music/sfx is pretty much done.

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