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Animation Time

James's Work

Starting animating has been nice, and the rig Pavel made for us is worked quite well, although I haven't stress-tested it to the hardest degree. Here are the inline shots I have worked on this weekend, Sc2S03-Sc2S07.

In addition to that, I made the exterior shots for Sc1S01...

As well as the sliding exterior shot, Sc3S05.

In addition to animation, the MT-1 received new doors that are smaller and match the ones seen inside of the ship's airlock.

NWO-04 also received new, smaller airlock doors, and these were also moved further down the ships hull to fit our perceived ship layout.

More buildings got made! These ones had more time put into them, and some have been UV'd. If we need to produce more, or more that are for specific uses, I can make those, but these are in a state that I like both stylewise and please-don't-destroy-render-time-wise.

Speaking of UV maps, I decided to go back and rework a lot of UV's I had made already, namely the tables and some other smaller assets. I wasn't happy with how the textures were going onto them, so I just started over on those.

One final thing of note, here is a fully updated shotlist to current animatic/planned shots. In total, there are 32 shots, including the long one take debris scene.

Angler Shotlist - Sheet1 (1)
Download PDF • 85KB

Corrigan's Work

Focal length is fun to mess with, here's us trying to get a long dramatic look from a small set

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