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Animatic 2 Electric Boogaloo

Fun and wacky. We made some changes here and there. There's a new shot of the exterior of the damaged station. Also a new holding shot of him preparing to jump from the station into the void. Finally, a big change to the action sequence. The train is no more! It is now replaced by the cable getting snagged by buildings. This is more economical time and production wise, and is more straightforward. There is one final change with the discovery of the dead spaceperson on the other station. The shot of discovery has been combined with the following shot of him looking at his wrist, as it makes more sense flow wise to just have them as one.

We have also started messing around with a fun camera move for the beginning scene. We may add a shot going through the first station before we introduce the astronaut slumped over. This gives a better idea of his situation, and won't be hard to do as its just a camera move.

I made up a shot list for the project. It contains what we currently have in our animatic. Its pretty long, so yeah, that's cool I guess.

PDF Version:

Angler Shotlist - Sheet1
Download PDF • 83KB

Da space Herman Miller (First iteration of the command chair)

First iteration of the main command table. There are more gauges and levers to add on the right side, but the general idea is there.

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